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Manufacturer of vehicles and car trailers
Manufacturer of vehicles and car trailers
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A butcher car requires appropriate equipment that meets hygiene, storage and presentation standards. When deciding on a mobile butcher shop, you need to carefully choose your car. We offer vehicles that meet several needs, so you can choose the one that best suits your business.

Car up to 3.5t for greater convenience
If you want to go anywhere, the lightweight car model up to 3.5t is perfect. It does not take up a large parking space, and its appropriate size allows for perfect product display.

A car over 3.5 tons
This one is the most suitable for your business if you need a lot of space to display your products. This type of vehicle is equipped with larger work surfaces and windows. You can thus expand your business to, for example, the sale of ready-made meals.

Panoramic car
Best for those who want to open a high-end store. This type of vehicle can accommodate the most equipment suited to your business. It has ergonomic tops and is distinguished by great comfort and a place to work, as well as the largest display cabinet for the product.

Stationary form of sale without the need to invest in the premises. It is always where you want.


Examples of equipment elements:

  • Showcase / refrigerated counter of our own construction
          - single-level
          - two-level
  • cooling reserve with the possibility of loading up to 16 transport containers,
  • independent power supply system for the building,
  • sanitary corner,
  • lighting color adapted to the product,
  • additional equipment: hooks, butcher block,
  • the passage between the driver's cabin and the superstructure,
  • outdoor shelf for customers.
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