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Manufacturer of vehicles and car trailers
Manufacturer of vehicles and car trailers
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Burger food truck

Burger food truck

Mobility and reaching all customers is the key to success. For burger masters, we offer buildings in three size variants. Each complemented with the necessary gastronomic equipment.

Foodtruck up to 3.5t is perfect for urban locations. Thanks to its size, it will not be an obstacle in narrower streets, but it will accommodate all kitchen appliances and ensure the convenience of preparing a meal.
Foodtruck over 3.5t increases the surface possibilities. It gains more worktops, making your work easier.
Foodtruck trailer - the largest variant. Perfect for large spaces and busy streets. Freedom of work is definitely the greatest thanks to the maximum use of space.

Examples of equipment elements:

  • gas installation for catering equipment,
  • directional lighting,
  • sanitary corner,
  • independent power supply system for the building,
  • individual selection of catering equipment:
          - gas,
          - electric,
  • efficient eight-stage hood with a mechanical extraction, fat drainer and lighting,
  • outdoor shelf for customers,
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